lol sorry for the fat legs. I’m working on it.

So, I wanna know if this outfit looks okay. It’s for church tomorrow, and just now I realized that pretty much all of my clothes are dirty so I whipped this up and I’m not sure if it looks okay or not. The ‘skirt’ is actually a dress from Forever 21. I just tucked under the top part haha. The shirt I got from goodwill and never thought I’d wear it. The shoes are from goodwill, the belt came with the dress, and the headband is from forever 21. And the necklace I made. SO, does this outfit look okay?

  1. heyletsxing answered: Yeah it’s so cute! Love your headband <3
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  3. captivatinglight answered: It looks gr8 :) you’re really pretty btw
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  5. comemorninglight answered: yes! your outfit looks casual yet classy :)
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